How to walk 10,000 steps a day

Do you want to know how to walk 10,000 steps a day?  Do you think it’s hard to meet that goal?  It’s a lot easier than you may think.  I’m going to show you 12 ways to meet your goal of walking 10,000 steps per day.

                                             To start things off right!

If you have read my post Benefits of walking 10,000 steps per day then you already know the health benefits gained by taking those steps.  From stronger bones and heart to a break in your health insurance costs.  

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I also wrote of a way to track those steps by using a Fit Bit.  Using a fit bit can help you keep track of not only the steps you take but it can also track distance, hourly activity, active minutes, and calories burned.  It can even track your sleep patterns.  Keeping track of all those things can make it more fun to take those steps in the first place.

While some of these stepping ideas offered may seem obvious, Let’s take a look at how to walk 10,000 steps a day twelve different ways.

                                                     Did you know?

There are many statistics when it comes to taking a step.  For example, did you know for every 15 minutes of walking you will get in about 1,000 steps?  This will depend on your stride length and your speed.  The average person has a stride length of about 2.1 to 2.5 feet.  Ten thousand steps is approximately 5 miles.

                                         How to walk 10,000 steps a day 

1.  Use the stairs-This has been something I have been doing as far back as I can remember.  To the point I feel guilty while riding on an elevator.  This is an oldy but a goody.

2.  Walk while talking on the phone--Which actually to many of us comes naturally.  Over time, as you talk face-to-face with people, your brain connects elements such as vocal tone, word choice, emotion, and gesture all together. When you talk on the phone, the physical feedback you’d normally get isn’t available. The connections you’ve formed, however,             mean that the parts of the brain associated with movement still fire.  This is because your brain basically fills in what it perceives as missing, and you translate your emotional responses into physical movements. (1)

3.  Taking the dog for a walk– You really kill two birds with one stone here.  Fido benefits from your need for steps both physically and emotionally.  And you end up so much closer to your 10,000 step goal.  It’s a win win.  Don’t have a  dog? Animal shelters are often looking for volunteers to do this for them.  You could also ask a neighbor if you could walk their dog.  

4.  Window shopping–Have you ever heard of Mall Walkers?  Head on over to a Outlet mall or outdoor shopping center.  Our High School in the town we live in lets people in the community walk in the school.  That’s very nice when the weather isn’t necessarily walk friendly, which is common in the Midwest.

5.  Treadmill/Elliptical–This seems obvious, although I had an elliptical in my basement for quite a while collecting dust.  I would sometimes forget it was even there.  This is also another good way to get extra steps in for the day.

6.  Steps by default-On any given day you will of course have steps by default, like getting up and getting a drink of water, making dinner, or doing laundry.  Whatever the case may be, those default steps can also add up quickly.  

7.  Mow the lawn–Get off the rider and walk behind a push mower instead. 

Depending on the size of your lawn you may get all 10,000 steps in just doing this alone.  It takes me 30 minutes to mow our lawn.  That’s a good number of steps just doing that one task.

8.  House work/vacuuming–I suppose some of these could go under default, like doing the laundry.  But vacuuming can add a lot of steps to your day as well.

9.  Park further away from the door–I love this one.  But why am I always excited to get the first parking spot closest to the store?  I need to work on this one. 

10.  Walk in place-It’s the end of the day.  You only have 9,266 steps in.  And you really want to keep watching the Netflix show you’ve been binging.  Fret not, you could simply walk in place while watching the show.

11.  Sports–Disc golfing, golfing, and tennis to name a few.  Join a walking group, or create a walking group, volunteer in a charity walk/run event.  

12.  Walking at work–We can’t overlook those hours spent walking while at work.  I work in a hospital so I tend to get over my 10,000 just being at work.  


With walking being such a good way to burn calories, strengthen your heart, lower your blood pressure, among so many more benefits, why not set yourself a goal to get in at least 10,000 steps a day.  Having listed 12 different ways how to walk 10,000 steps a day it’s almost hard not to get those steps in.  And you can have fun monitoring those steps and more by wearing a fitbit to help you keep track.  

How do you get your 10,000 steps in over the course of a day?  I would love to read about it in the comments below.
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1. (posted 7/5/2020)

8 thoughts on “How to walk 10,000 steps a day”

  1. It’s been difficult exercising and going out for walks during quarantine, I try to go out whenever I can at dusk to walk down the long canals but I’m getting lazy haha. I’ve got a cross trainer which I for some reason don’t use, I much rather enjoy the fresh air outside tbh. This post goes to show it doesn’t take much to get your steps in, I just need to push myself a little more. Thank you 🙂

    • Hello there, thank you for checking out my post. It can certainly be easy to get those steps
      in. It’s a matter of remembering to do it. For me, that’s where my fitbit comes in. It’s a
      great reminder to keep going.

      All the best,

  2. These are great suggestions, Teresa. Thank you for the reminder. For me, with building and online business and COVID-19 I have been exercising less and I can feel the effects it is having on me. I always walk my dog every day but I need more than that. I am going to try some of these.

    • Hello there, it’s funny how quickly it comes to the end of the day and I look at my fitbit
      and realize I don’t have 10,000 steps. So I will take the dog for a walk or do something
      else to get more steps in. I am working on challenging myself to more steps each day. But
      as you mentioned, working on building an online business doesn’t usually call for a lot of
      walking. I can certainly relate.
      Thank you for checking out my post,
      All the best,

  3. what a motivational post on how o walk 10,000 steps a day. The way just given us different ideas to achieve, I think it can be done very easily. I am determined to give it a give with atleast 2 of these methods. Housework is one of them for sure, lol

    Thank you for this amazing share.

    • Hello there, I am so grateful you came to check out my post. Housework is one many of us have a
      difficult time avoiding. So knowing we are maintaining our health by doing it is a good thing.
      I wish you all the best,

  4. Hi,
    I’m lucky to live on a big piece of land. After I have worked on the computer for a while, I get up and go for a walk around my land. It also takes me half an hour to water the plants and trees every morning and afternoon, so I hope that I can get those 10,000 steps in. Unfortunately I can’t take my dogs for a walk due to a knee injury, but it is healing, in the meantime my dogs and I go for mini walks on my land. I hope it all helps 🙂

    • Hi there, thank you so much for checking out my post. I think any walking you can do is better than no
      walking at all. I hope your knee continues to improve as I’m sure it will.

      All the best,


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