Manifest your story

In this post I will talk about the stories I have been telling myself for as long as  I can remember.  I will talk about what I heard growing up that led me to my current manifestations.

  It is my intention to help you see you also manifest your story, and you have been doing it all along.

                              A little more about me

If you read my About me page you already know my age.  On my driver’s license I have brown hair, I’m 5’5″ and I weigh……well, I’m at my ideal body weight, let’s just say that.  So my intentions are not to make changes in an attempt to lose any weight.  My intentions are to become healthier.  Big difference.  Especially since even with losing weight there are healthy ways to go about it, and very unhealthy ways to go about it.  That being said, I’m not here to recommend any diets per say.  I’m just here to share with you what I will be doing to make those diet changes to become more healthy.  I will also be incorporating exercise into my lifestyle.

Exercise, yikes!  Even the word doesn’t roll off my tongue as easily as I would like it to.  But I would like to incorporate more exercise into my life.  But that’s for another day.  First things first.

                                  The Stories I heard

I believe we are made up of the stories we have told ourselves throughout our lives.  By now many of us have heard of the Law of Attraction, The Power of Positive Thinking, We are what we think about, etc.  I believe this to be true.  This has certainly been the case in my life.  But where did our stories come from?  How did they arrive and how do they evolve.

Looking back I can recall a couple things I heard that specifically led me to the stories I created for myself.  My mom was a huge influence and most of my stories came from her.  Here are the things I heard her say and the affect they had on me.

What Mom said–“I already had a dessert at lunch, that’s enough for today.”

What I heard— I should not eat more than one treat a day.  Indulging in dessert more than once a day would go against my story line.  Now do I divert from that some days?  Absolutely, but I always revert back to that story and rarely overdue it.  Pot lucks are my weakness.
In this example what I heard served me well.  I learned anything in moderation.

What Mom said—  “You have a beautiful long neck.”

What I heard—  I have a long neck!  I never heard the word beautiful.  For years the only reason I loved winter was so I could comfortably wear turtlenecks to cover up my long neck!
This one didn’t serve me so well.

What Mom said—  “You have very nice legs.”

What I heard—  I heard I have nice legs.  And I ran with that.  I have always thought I have nice legs and have over the years pointed them out to my husband.

Those are three examples of what I heard and how I interpreted it and created my story.  Mom never meant to make me self conscious about my neck.  But we hear what we hear.  We all create our stories and those stories come from somewhere.

                                       My story

Now for the stories I created for myself.  Mom is off the hook for these.  This first one goes back probably 30 years.  I can’t say I know exactly how old I was when I wrote this story in my head.   The story is “I don’t gain weight, I can eat anything I want and still not gain weight.”  And it’s been that way since I can remember.  Now imagine if I had been telling my story differently.  What if I had been saying for 30 years “I can just look at cake and gain weight.”  That’s a comment I have actually heard someone say.  That is not a good story to be telling yourself much less repeating it to others.

The other story I have been telling myself is “I eat to survive, I don’t eat because I love food.”  This was actually something I was told.  A co-worker said to me “You don’t love food like I love food.”  Which is true.  Instantly a story was created.   I literally get frustrated sometimes when I have to take time out of my day for a meal.  I have better things I could be doing. (like exercising right?)

The last story I will mention is another one I got from my mom in a way (sorry Mom).  I have a tendency to leave a bite of everything on my plate at the end of a meal.  I rarely eat everything.  Not in a wasteful way necessarily.  But this is partly due to the story I have been telling myself.  Which is I don’t have to eat everything in front of me.  I say it’s partly due to my mom because she is the one who has noticed that over the years and pointed it out to me.  That is the story which goes back furthest.

   Why do these stories matter

We all have them.  The result of our stories are what we manifest.  So what does that mean?  That means, if we were able to manifest our stories once, we can do it again!  Isn’t that great news?  We can change our stories and change our lives as a result.  We can manifest the life we desire through new stories.

                      How to change those stories

This is definitely the big question of the day.  There are many ways we can change the stories.  But I will only tell you how I have been making changes within my own stories and how I plan to continue.  One of the biggest things I have done to implement change into my life was being introduce to Abraham Hicks.  If you have not heard of Abraham I highly recommend the book by Esther and Jerry Hicks The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham.  Abraham/Esther Hicks changed my life.  I cannot get enough of Abraham’s teachings.

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We all have our own stories and they came from somewhere.  Have you ever thought about your stories and why they are what they are?  Did you know you can manifest your story and you already have?  I would love to hear what yours may be.  Please let me know in the comment area below.  I promise to respond as it is my desire to promote interaction with my readers.  I am grateful you are here.

14 thoughts on “Manifest your story”

  1. Hello – what a positive message in your post. You are so right, we all have those stories, and we can rewrite them with the endings we need now. I wish you all the best in living your written stories.
    Keep well,
    Nancy Hamar

  2. Hey
    nice post
    agree that we all have some stories worth sharing. and yes, it matters.
    we also have to put some energy and thoughts to discover our story.
    thanks for sharing this post with us

  3. I completely agree. I could go on and on with my own stories 😂. You worded it so well! I’ve listened to Abraham on YouTube. Do his books go much more into detail than the videos? And how so? Thank you!

    • Hello Brenda, thank you so much for visiting my site and for your kind words.
      The book is fantastic and it does go into a little more detail. However, the
      message is the same. I highly recommend the book to absolutely everyone.

      All the best,

  4. Hi Teresa,

    Your post is so true. We all have those stories. And unfortunately mine has been the wrong one. I put on weight very quick and I have always told myself that I should’t eat and treat myself , otherwise I will get fat. It is time to change the story. I exercises a lot, don’t eat much and I still don’t have the ideal weight that I have always dreamt of. it is time for a change in the way I think

    Kind rgards,

    • Hello Yoana,
      Thank you so much for visiting my site and reading my story. It isn’t easy to
      change the story but it can be done. I will soon be talking about some ways I
      find work for me. I look so forward to sharing.
      All the best to you,

  5. Very true and touching post. We all have stories and as a parent, I am creating stories with my kids as well, so I will definitely be careful not to create the wrong ones. I do have similar things I have been telling myself over the years I learned from childhood but as you mentioned, we do have the power to rewrite these stories. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing this with your readers it is helpful and a reminder to be careful with what you say to your children too.

    • Melissa that is really a good takeaway from that post. I appreciate your
      insight. My mom really thought she was being kind telling me about my
      beautiful LONG neck. She obviously never intended it to make such an

      All the best Melissa,

  6. This is so interesting. I do believe in the law of attraction and what we think about the most we get, everyday on my drive to work I used to dread my day thinking about how I was going to be stuck in a windowless surgery for 9 hours and dreamt of working from home from my own schedule, not long after I was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumour which prevented me from driving all that way to be able to continue to do that job anymore. As I write this comment, I am having a clinic built in my grounds at home where I can work at my own pace doing what I envisaged doing every morning on that drive to work! I’d have preferred not to get sick but it was meant to be, in a way I’d asked for it otherwise I’d have carried on been miserable for a lifetime in a windowless surgery, now I can look out of my French doors onto my beautiful lawn.

    • That is a really great story Amy. Thank you so much for sharing it with me/us.
      It’s exactly what I’m writing about. I could write ten posts filled with stories
      just like the one you wrote/lived. How wonderful! We never know how the Universe
      will come through for us. But it always will. Every single time. It’s the law.

      Thank you so much for sharing,
      All the best, and I’m glad you are doing well.

  7. Hi Teresa,

    Your post invigorates such a holistic view and eye-opening view on life. You never really know how someone will interpret a comment you offer them or a statement you make. It’s really food for though; I think much of this has to do with the food disorders and unhealthy labels we assign to food.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Sharon, That is very true. How does that saying go “People won’t remember what
      you say to them, they will remember how you made them feel.” I like that quote.
      Thank you for visiting my site and for you kind words.

      All the best,


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